Aktuelles zum Projekt

Au Centre de l Europe - Im Reich der Mitte: Border land photo collection: Saarland-Lorraine-Luxembourg-Rhineland Palatinate - Wallonia

The Second book on the Greater Region-Grande Région-Großregion: spring 2013, regiofactum-edition
Languages: German-French, English and Chinese resume, correspondences are written in English, Polish, Latin, Luxemburgish and Platt.

based on the regiofactum-community and the photo collection by die argelola/regiofactum. 

The European cultural network „regiofactum“ has been created in the context of the Cultural Capital of Europe 2007: „Greater Region Saar State, Lorraine, Luxembourg, Rhineland-Palatinate, Wallonia”. Since it has grown to a transcultural community of authors and researchers to explore the cultural potentials of this particular border region.

See "Specials" for the English summary of the new book 


Tag der deutschen Einheit

Communication project for the German national Holiday, 2./3.10. in Saarbrücken: “Europa leben”.

Wir sind SaarMoselle, Photo-Film

Presentation of the German-French "photo-film" to promote the new Eurodistrict "SaarMoselle" by regiofactum during the festivities arranged for the 200 Mayors and other officials of the Regionalverband Saarbrücken and the communauté de communes de Forbach / Sarreguemines, see


Industriekulturlandschaft Warndt

Expertice and valorisation of the cultural ressources of the German-French region "Warndt" (Saarland/Dept.Moselle, Lorraine), for the Regionalverband Saarbrücken


Im Reich der Mitte, book for the Cultural Capital of Europe

Presentation of the first book on the Großregion / Grande Région / Greater region along with a photo-exhibit; photos by die arge lola Kai Loges + Andreas Langen.