A resume after 15 years of cross-border research on glass art (from Émile Gallé to present day) and industry shows that it is an important economic and cultural factor especially of Lorraine, the Saarland and Wallonie – since the 15th century. It still is of global importance today, and its history is a unique one - villages, products, craftsmen, entrepreneurs, designers and artists are representing the versatility of this border area in the middle of Europe. 1994 – 2005 research and teaching for the Academy of Fine Arts and design in Saarbrücken and the University of the Saarland (glass art, design and history), since 2008 contributions for the “GR-Atlas” of Luxembourg University on Glass and Crystal, articles and contributions to books (see publications).

Contribution to the Cultural Capital of europe Ruhr.2010

In Cooperation with the fotografer Kai Loges (die arge lola) and Glashütte Gernheim text and foto contribution to the exhibition "HELDEN - Von der Sehnsucht nach dem Besonderen", Henrichshütte Hattingen 12.3.-31.10.2010 in the context of the cultural capital of Europe RUHR.2010: insights into the "savoir-faire" of the crystal glass workers of the Greater Region Saar State-Lorraine-Luxembourg-Rhineland-Palatinate-Wallonia.


GR-Atlas, Luxembourg University

Research and publication project on the history of glass and crystal, focusing its Lorraine, Wallonie and Saarland chapters: companies, villages, artists, craftsmen, products, marketing (cross-border influences and global importance):