Projects 2018 in behalf of the Greater Region

Meanwhile a series of research projects, essays and conferences have originated from that book which has been reviewed by journalists and researchers in Germany, Luxemburg, France and Belgium. More to come in 2018: Seminar on the community of crystal glass makers (University of the Saarland), Lecture (Chambre de salariés in Luxemburg), Lecture on World (Shared) Heritage (German-French Week in Metz)...

Un livre franco-allemand sur l’idée européenne

In Sarreguemines at the Salon du Livre Francique, Samedi 28 Mars, Médiathèque communautaire, 2 pm

Bilingual Book project on the Greater Region Saarland-Lorraine-Luxembourg-Rheinland-Pfalz-Wallonie(n), title Au centre de l’Europe - Im Reich der Mitte², editor: Eva Mendgen in cooperation with the regiofactum cultural community, photography: die arge LoLa, Kai Loges + Andreas Langen; Regiofactum-edition, April 2013, 242 S., ISBN 978-3-86628-393-0, ISBN 10: 3-86628-393-8, 50€, Orders: info[at]regiofactum.com, Hartung-Gorre Verlag, Konstanz

see "specials"

Reviews: 2014-2015 see projects on this website, 2013: Süddeutsche Zeitung, critique de Stefan Klein (Nr. 174, 30. 07. 2013), traduit de l’allemand par Anne Funke : "Courage! Un livre franco-allemand sur l’idée européenne : L’Europe a mauvaise réputation. La crise persistante, les disputes permanentes, les soucis au sujet de la stabilité de l’euro, la tutelle de Bruxelles – tout ça devient  lassant. Même si l’idée européenne est encore prêchée régulièrement dans les discours du dimanche, elle ne passionne plus les cœurs. Bien plus, elle menace de disparaitre dans les querelles mesquines de nations qui semblent ne pas s’apprécier les unes entre elles.
C’est un fait, si on ne s’approche pas de la question comme le fait Eva Mendgen, qui reprend et redessine cette idée européenne tellement discréditée.(...) Eva Mendgen a focalisé son étude sur la région frontalière entre l’Allemagne, la France, la Belgique et le Luxembourg, dans un brillant ouvrage illustré de magnifiques photos. L’auteure entraine ses lecteurs dans un Grand Tour, voyage initiatique à travers l’Histoire millénaire tissée de liens culturels ancestraux et d’attaches familiales se jouant des frontières, jusqu’à cette période où le délire nationaliste se développe et le Français devient « ennemi héréditaire » de l’Allemand. (...) "


Brisbane, Zine Magazine


Luxemburg, Im Reich der Mitte², Greater Region Business Days

Next presentation of the book project "Im Reich der Mitte² - Au centre de l´Europe" at the Greater Region Business Days, Messezentrum Kirchberg, Luxemburg

Im Reich der Mitte, Cultural soirée, Luxembourg

Public reading: When authors become readers and readers become translators… 
a multilingual journey exploring the cultural heritage of the center of Europe by Regiofactum, partner of the 3rd Transatlantic Dialogue: "Connecting through Culture- A Vision for Global Citizenship", University of Luxembourg, 
Cultural soirée at the Place d’Armes, Luxembourg-City

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International Book Fair, Frankfurt : Awards

The book “Hans Joachim Reuter - Illuminiscent Images, From Endoscopy to Science Art” (Ed. Eva Mendgen) has been assigned one of Germanys most beautiful and innovate books of the year 2011 at the Francfort International Bookfair. It won the German Design Prize for young Designers for its outstanding graphic design, typography and the innovative interpretation of the connections between medicine, technical progress, craftsmanship, art and history.  The book has also been nominated for the German photobook prize 2011.

Image: Hans Joachim Reuter, AF VI 02, Stuttgart, c. 1977


Book project on the Greater Region: Highlight in Berlin

One cultural highlight  on the political "Forum der Großregion" in Berlin was the "Salon Im Reich der Mitte - und anderswo", where the cultural network of the Greater Region presented a new book project in the Greater Region, photographic works and other publications ("Die Großregion entfaltet sich / La Grande Région s affiche" and "Le Patrimoine Mondial de la Grande Région / Welterbe Großregion").


UNESCO World Heritage Sites of the Greater Region

The Greater Region s twelve UNESCO-World Heritage Sites are an important key to understand the history, diversity and European culture of the German-French-Belgian-Luxemburgish Greater Region. They were for the first time published in the regiofactum-"book poster" "Welterbe Großregion/Le Patrimoine Mondial de la Grande Région" in 2010. An extended version has been published in the GR-Atlas of Luxembourg University.

new book: Luminiscent Images

Hans Joachim Reuter
Luminescent Images / From Endoscopy to Science Art

Hans Joachim Reuter (1923 – 2003) was an internationally renowned physician and scientist.  He was a leading figure in the development of endoscopic imaging techniques in the 1960s and with his ‘nuclear medical image compositions’ became a pioneer of Science Art in the 1970s. This book is the first documentation and classification of these images from a visual arts perspective within a medical and technological historical context. The book’s subject matter served as inspiration for its design and typography.

Texts by Matthias Bruhn, Herbert W. Franke, Eva Mendgen

Images: Endophotography, Scintigraphie

bookstores www.hartung-gorre.de

132 pp. - 59,00 Eur[D]

edited by Dr. Eva Mendgen
designed by Felix Stumpf, Peter Brugger
Translation: Julie Connellan
print: Grammlich, Pliezhausen
editing house: Hartung-Gorre, Konstanz
ISBN: 978-3-86628-321-3
Copyright: Regiofactum Dr. Eva Mendgen

Image: Hans Joachim Reuter, AF VI 02, Stuttgart, c. 1977


Does modern art need to be framed, Lecture, Köln

Does modern abstract art need to be framed? According to the sources, the unframed painting is just one of many possibilities of presenting modern art. The 20th century artists discussed the question of the frame, they redefined its forms and functions according to new aesthetic and representational ideals in various ways from Malevich to the Bauhaus or de Stijl.

Lecture in the context of the international symposium "Malevich unter the microscope", Museum Ludwig, Köln.


The Greater Region and Schengen, lecture, Schengen

Luxembourg and the Greater Region have been cultural capital of Europe in 2007; the search for a common identity of the three border regions with the national state Luxembourg as its "heart" continues. The cultural network regiofactum is devoted to its interpretation, evaluation and profile as a modern cultural ethno space, presentation at the Arbeitskreis Wirtschaft Luxemburg, Schengen.

Picture and Frame in the 20th century, lecture, Saarbrücken

The famous museum director Wilhelm von Bode once remarked that picture framing is one of the most difficult tasks for a museum curator. More than 100 years later nothing seems to have changed: It has often been said that 20th art does not need to be framed "anymore". The opposite is true: 20th century paintings will be discussed,with a focus on their, yes: very minimal, frames. Lecture in front of selected originals of the collection of the Moderne Galerie in Saarbrücken.

Meeting point: Moderne Galerie, Bismarckstr. 11-15, 66111 Saarbrücken

„Génie du Travail“, Contribution for the cultural capital of Europe 2010

In Cooperation with the fotografer Kai Loges (die arge lola) and Glashütte Gernheim text and foto contribution to the exhibition "HELDEN - Von der Sehnsucht nach dem Besonderen", Henrichshütte Hattingen 12.3.-31.10.2010 in the context of the cultural capital of Europe RUHR.2010: insights into the "savoir-faire" of the crystal glass workers of the Greater Region Saar State-Lorraine-Luxembourg-Rhineland-Palatinate-Wallonia.


guest professor, university of the Saar State

Earthly Paradises - a contribution and an introduction into the practice of art history; department of Visual Arts, university of the Saar State, 2009/2010.


German National Holiday, Saarbrücken

The official celebrations for the German national holiday took place in Saarbrucken, capital of the Saar State which neighbors France and Luxembourg. The theme of the festivities was: "Living in Europe". Duties and challenges: Designing an artistic overall concept and a non national "CI" for the presentation of the Saar State, the ministry of cultural affairs, the association espace culturel Grande Region and the Eurodistrict SaarMoselle giving the former German, French, Luxembourgish and Belgian frontier regions in the middle of Europe a positive and contemporary image for the day, derived from their common roots in history and industrial culture. Accomplished together with the cultural network regiofactum the difficult task, set standards for the future (hopefully!).

I wish to express my gratitude to all the people who became during the last three months regiofactum-"volunteers" by supporting us with their time, passion and consultation!

Foto: die arge lola Kai Loges + Andreas Langen +  regiofactum Dr. Eva Mendgen: Medals, Lorraine

Irdische Paradiese – Earthly Paradises, exhibition Schaezler Palais, Augsburg

“Irdische Paradiese – Earthly Paradises: Masterpieces from the Kasser Art Foundation” for the first time shows over 100 paintings and sculptures of this private collection based in the USA. Responsibilities: Communication between estate/Augsburger Museen with the result of the present exhibit; catalogue essay “Earthly Paradieses: Sea Pieces”, based on nine marine landscapes: On to New Horizons: Pierre Auguste Renoir and Claude Monet/ Jardin glorieux: Paul Signac and Henri-Edmond Cross/ In Stiller Waters: André Derain and Georges Braque/ Pardises Lost: Hermann Max Pechstein and George Grosz.



Saints For Today – Linda Schwarz, exhibition Wintringer Kapelle, Kleinblittersdorf

The artist Linda Schwarz (*1963) visited the cultural heritage site near Saarbrücken, Wintringer Kapelle, for the first time in November 2008. On being faced with a chapel which had largely been robbed of its figurative collection, she immediately posed herself the question of what “saints for today” could be. Nine wood panels were produced between then and June 2009. The format of these pieces has been designed to harmonise with the shape of the prominent niches in the stonework. Traditional materials along with high-tech production methods such as digital printing, photography and modern pigments were employed. Snippets of words from advertising and newspapers along with headlines and text fragments were used to establish a relationship with the present day. The work has been put into words by Dr. Eva Mendgen who also accompanied the artistic process, in cooperation with Peter Lupp, Saarbrücken.

Linda Schwarz, Tryptichon 1: Three small saints, center piece, 2009; photographed at night, Photography: Manfred Bernhard




Gallery Talk, Pictures and Frames, Saarbrücken

The famous museum director Wilhelm von Bode once remarked that framing is the most difficult task for a museum curator. More than 100 years later nothing seems to have changed: It has often been said that 20th art does not need a frame anymore. This is mere theory. 20th century paintings of the Modern Gallery of the Saar State will be discussed,with a focus on their, yes: very minimal, frames - in front of originals of the collection of the Moderen Galerie in Saarbrücken.

Meeting point: Moderne Galerie, Bismarckstr. 11-15, 66111 Saarbrücken

The right frame, exhibition München

Frame experiment: an antique picture frame of Munich frame maker Werner Murrer’s magnificent frame collection inspired German artist Thomas Bechinger (*1960) to conceive a “custom made” painting. The result: a perfect symbiosis of the arts and crafts, painting and (interior) design, presented at the Neue Werkstätten, München, until the end of may. Welcoming speech.


Nomination for Design Price 2010

The book “Im Reich der Mitte/Le berceau de la civilisation européenne/The center at the Edge” has been nominated for the 2010 Design Price of the Federal Republic of Germany