Speech by Claude Gengler
Laudatio by Martin Graff
Christian Wille Doing Identity

The book "Au Centre de l´Europe - Im Reich der Mitte² - des liens et des lieux - Kulturgemeinschaft Großregion" has been presented in Saarbrücken, Saarland, Germany in the former French Embassy (today ministry of cultural affairs of the Saar State), an emblematic place and building ensemble by French modernist Georges-Henri Pingusson, erected 1952-1954. Claude Gengler from Luxemburg gave his speech in Luxemburgish (a language between Germand and French, "hightened" by English), Martin Graff from Alsace performed in the typical "cross-border" idiom, switiching between French and German. Both are part of the cultural netword / community regiofactum.

Meanwhile a series of research projects, essays and conferences have originated from that book which has been reviewed by journalists and researchers in Germany, Luxemburg, France and Belgium. More to come in 2018: Seminar on the community of crytsal glass makers (University of the Saarland), Lecture (Chambre de salariés in Luxemburg), Lecture on World (Shared) Heritage (German-French Week in Metz)...